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Events and Celebrations

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Events and celebrations send a message that something, someone or an achievement is important enough that we plan to set time apart to celebrate it.

It could be a National Celebration or a birthday party. It could be a formal awards ceremony or a special dinner for someone who has been away from home for a while.

In addition, we at Mundaring Christian College often use college events to introduce the 'new', and to point to something worth taking notice of. Our ‘WOW Days’, and ‘Meet, Greet and Eat’ are examples of these. The Primary ‘Invention Convention’ will be an another exciting MCC an event.

The new National Technology Curriculum is now being rolled out and must be fully implemented 2018. We will use the ‘Invention Convention’ event as an awareness day, to celebrate the technology around us, used for good purposes, and to point to exciting ways we can get involved with it now, and in the future.

We recognise that the potential of technology was part of Creation, embedded in resources and scientific laws, latent until explored, ready to be discovered. As part of God’s creation the purpose has always been to serve others, to help those in need, to develop the world for all of us to enjoy. In short for good purposes.  

Encouragement and guidance to develop skills to use Technology for the good, and to have the knowledge to stay safe from those who choose to use it with less than good intentions, is all part of this Curriculum.

During the ‘Invention Convention’ event students will be able to explore and play with Technology, and meet people who work in the industry and make positive contributions to society. Students will be reminded that using Technology is not just about using computers, but that is also in the way we think, approach problems and design solutions.

The ‘Invention Convention’ will be an exciting event worth being part of, for students, teachers and parents alike.

 We want students to see their world unfold, full of potential, as God intended.