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Food Technology - Bombe Alaska

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During Term Four, students in the Year 7/8 Baking classes are attempting some very challenging creations. It is all part of adopting a "growth mindset".

"Growth mindset" means students and teacher commit to challenging themselves to design and produce food beyond their normal skills and capabilities. This week they embraced the challenge of making a Bombe Alaska. Students took on the challenge of making Italian meringue from a sugar syrup, cooked and shaped their cake and used the blow torch to toast the meringue all within a time limit before the ice-cream melted!

There were obstacles, mistakes, challenges and modifications at each stage in the process, yet they all gave 100% effort and kept a determined mindset. This resulted in some impressive dishes!

2017/T4/IMG_0993.jpg 2017/T4/IMG_0986.jpg 2017/T4/IMG_0989.jpg 2017/T4/IMG_0992.jpg