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Food Technology Classes

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It's been a busy week in the Food Technology kitchen. The Year 7/8 class have been experimenting with the new Italian pasta-makers and Year 9/10 students made mini chocolate eclairs!

The Italian pasta makers were purchased with the $1000 prize money won by Year 12 student Ella D in the Taste of the Future Chef competition last year.

Last week they experimented with the process and techniques involved in making pasta. This week the class applied Bloom's taxonomy higher level thinking to suggest adjustments and modifications to improve upon their previous batch of pasta made in the last lesson. With these adjustments in mind, they made a delicious plate of chocolate pasta with raspberry coulis sauce. There was a 100% success rate!

Secondary/IMG_0802.jpg Secondary/IMG_0836.jpg Secondary/IMG_0842.jpg Secondary/IMG_0843.jpg

Meanwhile, the Year 9/10 Food Technology classes have been making their own mini chocolate eclairs to complete their unit on French cookery. There were a lot of elements to complete, yet students used good systems of management. The hardest part of the challenge was avoiding being mobbed by their peers who all wanted one to taste!

Secondary/Yr-9.10-2.jpg Secondary/Yr-9.10.jpg Secondary/Yr-9.10-3.jpg

Mrs Melinda Edwards