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Food Technology - Seafood

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This term, Year 9/10 Food Technology classes have been exploring seafood with a focus on sustainable sources and practices.

Recipes this term include Salt/Pepper Squid, Chilli Mussels, Fish Pies and grilled Fremantle Sardines. Their design task at the end of term was to produce and present a serve of fish/chips suitable to serve in a Fremantle café. 

Secondary/IMG_0694.jpg   Secondary/IMG_0696.jpg   Secondary/IMG_0695.jpg
Tess and Bree (both Yr 10)   Demetri and Jovan (both Yr 9)   Chaela (Yr 10) and Amber (Yr 9)
Secondary/IMG_0689.jpg   Secondary/IMG_0697.jpg   Secondary/IMG_0693.jpg

Meal by Chaela (Yr 10) and Amber (Yr 9)


Meal by Demetri and Jovan (both Yr 9)


Meal by Scarlet and Brant (both Yr 9)