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From Mrs Wilson’s desk

Found in: News

I love the sound of students that are excited.

Excited to be back on campus, excited to see their friends, and even excited to see teachers. Our College was abuzz with those sounds this morning.

After our brief get-together in the Undercover Area, classes started. Activities that must have seemed to students as just great fun, were carefully chosen by teachers, to introduce themes and learning areas. In my walk-through I saw some great problem-solving skills put into motion, to unscramble challenges, and creative thinking to brainstorm new ideas to find solutions and invent things. I saw Science, Numeracy, Art, Design and Technology, lots of group collaboration and even cooking, in action (and more).

The sound of excited students was from learning and working together.

I also saw caring, partnership, kindness and friendship. I saw new students smile, students that started the day a bit apprehensive, beam.

It’s good to be back. I love School. Our College is a good place to be.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Primary Coordinator