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From Mrs. Wilson's Desk

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Every year starts as a new beginning – with known and unknown experiences waiting on the horizon; this year was no exception.

At the beginning of the year we welcomed three new teachers at the Primary campus Mrs. Eva De Bruyn, Mrs. Jasmyn Rullo and Miss Brooke Argentieri; and two educational assistants, Miss Aprilia Bowring and Miss Donna McDonald. Mrs Jane Thirley stepped into the role of art teacher in addition to working with students with special needs.

During the year we were sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Anna Guy and Mrs. Elke Blight who were part of the college staff for many years, but Mrs. Raquelle Hannen-Williams and Miss. Stephanie Hewson soon became valued staff members to fill their roles. Miss. Amanda McCleary joined us in Term 3; much appreciated for her roles and skills in both marketing and as a chaplain at the Secondary Campus. Three weddings amongst staff saw a few name changes and we now have Mrs. Stephanie Samuel, Mrs. Kat McKenna and Mrs. Brooke Collett instead of Miss. Hewson, Mrs. Genat and Miss A.

At the end of this year Mrs. Sue Foot will leave the Primary campus to join the Secondary campus as an educational assistant, while Miss. Bowring and Mrs. McDonald will bid us farewell. Mrs. Carol Cooper, who has been part of the College for 30 years, is retiring and will be sorely missed.
We will not lose any teachers at the end of this year, but some will move to other year groups and specialist areas – in 2018 Mrs. Jasmyn Rullo will teach a ‘Social Emotional’ development program throughout the school, and Mrs. Eva de Bruyn will be teaching Year 5. Mrs. Lis Sullivan (also known to some as Miss. Canas) will return after her maternity leave to work as a junior primary art teacher, as well as working to support students in need of extra help.

The year was filled with lots of events, amazing themes, incursions and excursions, but it is our connection with people that continues to grow. People influence our lives, sometimes over a long period, sometimes only for a season, but the impact lives on.

Each student has a collection of teachers (if you count the specialist teachers and educational assistants) who speak into their lives during the year, but we also recognize that many other people (both those on staff and in volunteer roles) impact them – from those at the front office who listen and respond to countless questions and concerns, those who counsel, those who attend to scrapes and bruises and give encouragement - even those who fish shoes and balls off the roof and find lost property. We hope that during this year you saw our heart at Mundaring Christian College – to serve you and your children in a relationship of care and partnership.

We trust that you have enjoyed this year with us, and that you are looking forward to the weeks to come, including the graduations, the celebration nights and the Christmas celebrations. Read the rest of the newsletter for more information on these events (and more!). I especially encourage you to take note of the next PITCH coming up – it will be very useful for all parents who are looking forward to a great holiday time coming up with their children at home.

Mrs. Antionette Wilson