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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson | Found in: News

You know a year starts well when you see students, families and teachers greeting each other with great joy - like family that did not see each other in a while.

For the students new to the school, we understand the experience would have been a little different. They might have come feeling a bit apprehensive at first, but when I checked in on them during the first day, and over the next few days, they all seemed to have settled in well. I saw some of our students that have been with us for a while go out of their way to make our new students feel welcome – which really warmed my heart.

We want our school to be a place known for caring, where everyone feels cared for and, where our students learn to care. We want our students to care about others and their community, but also to be conscious of the importance of their own well-being. Caring for our environment and our health is also very important. Programs such as “Waste Free Monday’s”, Jump Rope for Heart, our Community Library and PITCH sessions allow us to integrate caring across our whole College community.

As a school we want to prepare and equip students to cope with the challenges they face today and provide them with the skills they need for the future. Two of our new incentives this year are centered around how we provide to fulfil these needs.

The ‘You Can Do It program for students PP to Year 6, much spoken about already, is about helping students to get along with others, to be organized, to develop the ability to persist when the going gets tough, and to build confidence and resilience. It fits well with the often talked about the 21st Century Competencies recognized by many today, as essential skills needed to cope in the future; Communication, Collaboration, Creative thought, Critical thinking, Character and Citizenship.

Likewise, the new incentive, “investigative inquiry-based learning” related to the “Kathy Walker approach”, in Pre-Kindy to Year 2, will develop a student’s ability to “make decisions, initiate ideas, persist, take risks, explore and research” (Walker, 2007).

In addition, the Year 1 and 2 students will be involved in a new STEM initiative sponsored by AISWA and Curtin University involving block play with the focus on hands-on learning. More information will be shared at a PITCH meeting, Tuesday 26 February.

The calendar is full; we have lots to look forward to this term. The Year 1 and 2 students will be enjoying swimming lessons for two weeks in March, our College House Swimming carnival (for students in Year 3 to 12) will be held on 25 February, and the Jump-rope-for heart event will take place on 8 April. An all school Easter celebration will take place on 9 April and an ANZAC service on 12 April.

This Term started on a high with the WOW days, and the “Meet Greet and Eat” afternoon/evening event at the Parkerville campus was a great success – may the rest of the term be as good if not better!

God Bless
Mrs Antoinette Wilson