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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

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Positive relationships promote positive learning experiences.

Learning is a lifelong adventure. I still love discovering new things and learning new skills, and love to see others do the same. I want all students in our College to feel the same way, and I know that all the teachers in our College wish the same for their students too.

Students spend six and a half hours a day at school as a minimum; and longer if they stay after school for activities. That equates to 32.5 hours a week they spend in the company of their teachers. It seems a given that we hope our students will like being at school and that they will like their teachers.

It is not just important because we want them to be happy at school, but because it has very important implications for their learning too (Hattie, 2014). Research has shown that a positive relationship between teacher and student builds trust, and when students trust their teachers, they feel they are in a safe environment to learn. Making mistakes, and needing help while progressing, is then without stress. Students feel encouraged by feedback, and learn to ask for it. They feel supported, not judged. They feel like an apprentice with a master, enjoying to process and the progress and take pride in the end results.

We want all our students to trust the fact that their teachers want to help them succeed. We want our students to develop resilience and confidence to try again if they fail the first time.  

We hope that all our students discover their teachers are there for them this way, throughout 2017.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Primary Coordinator