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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

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Each year brings new challenges to all our students.

For our three year olds it means a lot of new experiences in a whole new environment. For most, it means coming to the same school, but to face new challenges in a new year group. It might even include new sport activities, learning to play a new instrument or catching the bus.  For the Year Six students; it means taking the responsibility of being the leaders in the Primary School.

At our first formal assembly this year, the Year Six students spoke to us about their hopes. This is the kind of thing we expect leaders would think about. The Student leaders (Georgia and Finlay) faced their first Assembly presentation with courage. They did a fine job. The newly appointed sound team, under the guidance of Mrs Steyger, proved they are quick learners.

When we do the same thing we have done before – where is the challenge? With no challenge there is no learning, just repetitive action. When we do something new, and develop ability because we have the guidance of a person with more expert knowledge (it could be a teacher, a parent or a friend even), then we operate in the ‘zone of proximal development’, often abbreviated as ZPD (Vygotsky), and we learn.

We are proud of all our students. They have started the year well.

We can face challenges with courage because God gives us ‘Faith In The Future’.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Primary Coordinator

Year Six Student Leaders Georgia and Finlay Students working at the Sound Desk