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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

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A wise man once said that we can identify 15 aspects of life ranging from lower order to higher order models.

He classified them as ‘Laws’ (lower model aspects that involve creational laws) and ‘Norms’, (higher model aspects that involve choices). The latter include norms such as Economic, Aesthetic, Social and Faith aspects.

We all face many choices daily, and sometimes have to make these choices on very short notice. We watch our children and students in our care, and face many such choices too, and have to guide them as their parents, and as adults involved in their education, to make right choices.

Developing the skills of creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking is vital for students as they grow to become independent and resilient adults, able to negotiate life by making the best choices for them. 

At Mundaring Christian College we believe in the importance of developing these skills; as part of our Curriculum, in pastoral care and embedded in all we do, students are guided to see these as life skills.

Our Faith, Christian Worldview and the Bible provide us with countless examples of how to make good choices for the right reasons. It provides opportunities for discussions, brain-storming, creative thinking and evaluation of situations to learn from. It helps students to think about applications in their lives, and contribute to the development of students’ understanding of what builds the kind of society that we all want to live in.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary