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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

Found in: News

Calling all students: Student newspaper! School is back and our students are on track for a great term. Some classes celebrated the first day back with a WOW Day; some are eagerly awaiting a delayed celebration, but everyone I spoke to was glad to be back with their friends.

When I heard the themes teachers chose for their students as the context for planned learning, I could only imagine how learners would be inspired to build up an appetite for learning in such settings. Add to that this term's student involvement with visiting artists, our annual Cross Country event and the start of test runs of our student newspaper - in anticipation for our big launch in August at our all-school event: All About Communications.

We are calling all students to start submitting articles, photos, drawings, videos, even cartoons and activities e.g. word searches. Criteria - it needs to be created by students (not adults). Once submitted to the class teacher it will go to the Year 5 and 6 Editorial Committee (already established). This committee, under the leadership of Mrs Rullo, will select and edit material and prepare it for publishing. So get busy - interview people, take photos and videos, and write articles. Students - it will be your voice, let it be heard!

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary