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From Mrs Wilson's Desk

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NAPLAN is not just DATA

Are we pleased to see the NAPLAN results? Yes! We are pleased not because we just see it as data but because we recognize that each piece of data represents a student. It was the students who had the courage to sit the tests and the students who persisted to complete the work during the week of testing and through the semester. Teachers and parents can now, because of NAPLAN, gain insight into how to best support their students.

The day after the results came out the teachers met after school to unpack the results. To gain insight into future goals and teaching methods, we delved into individual questions and the student’s responses. The topics and questions we saw our students struggle with will be what we focus on in our curriculum planning. The areas that our students showed advanced understanding in will be celebrated even as we look for ways to improve. 

NAPLAN works well for us as it is a good fitwith our relational approach for teaching and learning at the College. It is important for us to use current individual student understanding as a foundational focus for our teaching and learning. It is also important for us to provide support to our students where it is most needed. This is done by encouraging reflection through the provision of authentic feedback and effective studying strategies. We are also intentional in providing well-deserved praise to all students' progress and achievements.