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From Mrs Wilson's Desk - Student Reps

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News

This week we chose the first Student Reps in the life of the College (for Year 4, Year 5, Year 5/6 and Year 6).

It was a request that came from the students, first voiced by Lachlan Lawes-Bettridge and brought to my attention again during the parent forum in PITCH recently. It is a great idea.

These Reps are not the same as Student Leaders. They will be representatives of their classroom communities, in addition to the Student Leaders. These Reps, chosen by the students this week, will serve for one term and will be able to bring student ideas, that will benefit all students, to our attention. Each classroom, which operate as little communities already, will have classroom team meetings under the guidance of their teacher, where they will brainstorm student ideas. These ideas will then be recorded and the ‘Student Reps’ will be given an opportunity in a ‘Student Rep Meeting’ with the Head of Primary, to represent their peers. Ideas will be discussed and evaluated and the Reps will have the responsibility to report back to their classroom community regarding the outcome of these discussions.

Student Reps will not be dealing with conflict or behaviour management, nor will they handle student complaints. We will be introducing a different, child friendly way to deal with this kind of concern as well. We have developed a clearly formulated plan and process through which a student can voice their concerns and complaints. Watch this space for more information. Next term students will be trained to know who to speak to when they have a concern, how to lodge a complaint and what resources that they could use with confidence in this context. Posters will guide students in this process.

Shaping the students’ ability to use their voice effectively and responsibly is at the core of this exercise. To collaborate and discuss issues in their own lifeworld and to think creatively about solutions to challenges are much needed and essential skills that will stand them in good stead in the future. Working together for a purpose will help them to develop their understanding of citizenship and build character. 

To represent their class will be challenging at times and it will take courage, however the experience will help our students to develop leadership skills and wisdom. 

The Student Reps will be introduced to the school at the first assembly of next term, on Tuesday 30 July. Parent will be informed beforehand.

Kind regards
Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary