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Getting To Know Our Extraordinary Teachers

Found in: News

Miss Georgia Hickford is the Year Six teacher at MCC. She is one of those individuals who was born to teach. 

She is naturally very organised, loves to talk and friends and family have been known to say, she is even a little bossy! Miss Hickford is very close to her family – especially her Dad. She is absolutely adored by her students – especially her past students who said at the end of school last year “that was the best year ever”!

Miss Hickford loved her own school days, especially primary school. She has had the same two best friends from Pre-Primary. The three 'besties' went all the way through school to Year 12 together. Miss Hickford has always known she wanted to be a teacher. She recalls answering a career questionnaire in high school where you had to write down the top three jobs you wanted to do. She said she worried as she only had one; “teacher” - with nothing else to fall back on. Lucky for us, everything went to plan and Mundaring Christian College enjoys her wonderful talents today.

Teachers often have funny antidotes from their students, and Miss Hickford recalls many. She giggles when a student calls her "Mum", the ultimate teacher compliment! She diffuses the embarrassing situation for the student by having a laugh together. Georgia recalled a funny story from when she was assisting in one of the younger classes. The students were working in a small group. Some kids were working well, but a couple were getting distracted. One child was banging his pencil against an aluminium drink bottle making a “ding ding ding” sound. Someone else was whipping their shoe around their head! The things that go on in classrooms with very small children! But eventually Miss Hickford got them all working well. All the while there was one little boy who had been working so well and never faulted, and Miss Hickford thought to herself “at least I have this one child working nicely”. Next thing she knew, this child gets up and stands about two centimetres away from her face and says “my favourite whale is the sperm whale!” The students were doing something completely unrelated to sea creatures! All she could do was take a deep breath, and smile. Miss Hickford muses, “I love the randomness of their thoughts and innocence of their expression”.

Miss Hickford truly loves coming to work every day because she knows she will be around happy people – be they fellow teachers or students.  She is always greeted with happy smiling faces enthusiastically wishing her “Good morning”. Georgia is such a “people person” and loves interacting and building relationships with her colleagues and students. She prays that one day her students will think back and remember something special that she said to them – impact. Miss Hickford wants to positively make an impact on her students, and therefore the wider Community and even wider, the World. She prays for happiness and contentment and a feeling of peace for all her students now, and when they have grown up. She hopes that every one of the will find “the thing” that makes them happy content and at peace – whatever that may be.

“Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything” is Miss Hickford’s favourite verse. Very good advice for us all.