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Getting to know our Teachers: Mrs Lis Sullivan

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Mrs Sullivan is the Pre-Primary teacher at Mundaring Christian College. Recently I had the pleasure of chatting to her and catching up on all the exciting events that have been happening in her life lately.

Most of us know Mrs Sullivan as Miss Cannas. Her formal name is Delores, but she has always been known as Lis. Over the summer holidays, Miss Cannas got married! She and her husband Dave, honeymooned in Sydney and then went on a cruise to New Zealand.

Lis comes from a large family.  She is the fourth child out of five children - four girls and a boy. She was born in El Salvador in Central America and her family moved to Australia when she was four years old. Lis and her family spoke Spanish at home, so she is very lucky to be bi-lingual. She refers to Perth as her home and would not like to live anywhere else. Lis is especially close to her older brother and younger sister whom are only two years apart in age. She said her brother dragged her into lots of daring and gregarious games when she was growing up.

Before Lis married, she attended a Spanish Church, and her husband a different English-speaking Church. They decided to choose a new Church to attend together and now attend Oasis Church, in Byford. Mrs Sullivan serves in the Children’s ministry and Mr Sullivan in the Music Ministry, organising the sound and music at services. 

The first class of students Mrs Sullivan taught at MCC were Year Two’s. Now they are in Year Nine – so how many years does that mean she has been working at MCC? Seven years! But Mrs Sullivan has been “teaching” for many more years than that. Lis was only a child when she had her first student, her Grandmother. “Gran was illiterate and could only mark her name with a cross”. So, Lis took it upon herself to teach her to read and write so that she could sign her name! What an incredibly rewarding experience that must have been.

Lis really enjoys watching her past students grow up and move through the College. She loves coming to school and seeing the children excitedly greet her every day. A good teaching day for Lis is when her students are excited and eager to engage in their learning. She retold me an example of when she did cooking with her Pre-Primary class. They were all so excited, and stopped to tell other teachers and students alike “we did cooking today”! Mrs Sullivan has a special talent I think she has hidden too well - painting landscapes! She is very creative and loves doing art and craft projects with her littlies.

As Lis spends her days teaching some of the youngest members of our College, she sure has some funny stories of things children have done or said. One such antidote is from when Mrs Sullivan came to school at the start of the year and a little boy (Master B) came into the classroom with his mum to have a look at his new classroom. His mum said, “remember Master B, Miss Canas got married, what is her new name?” “Hello Mrs Sullivan” piped Master B. Mum went on “do you remember the other things we talked about that you could say?” Master B thinks about it for a bit then says, “Congratulations for getting someone to marry you!” Mrs Sullivan was laughing as she thanked him, whilst his poor mother probably wanted to be swallowed up by the floor. He just looked up innocently and very puzzled thinking, why are you laughing?

Mrs Sullivan is passionate about working with children, especially the little ones. She finds teaching very rewarding. She and her husband are now expecting a little one of their own in a few months’ time! The Mundaring Christian College community look forward to sharing in the excitement and anticipation of the arrival of Mrs Sullivan’s first baby. I wonder if it will be a girl or boy?!

Mrs Raquelle Hannen-Williams
Community Liaison Officer