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Great Start for a Great Year

Posted by Mrs Antionette Wilson | Found in: News

The faces said it all on the first formal school day students returned to the campus, and it was echoed in their comments:

“We are glad to be back”; “we are excited to be here”, and “we missed our friends”. Also, “Wow, we love the changes made to the environment while we were away.” I hope everyone saw the fishpond with the fountain! The changes to the Early Childhood play area are much appreciated by the younger students too.


It was, of course, not the first day back for staff, but I won’t bore you with the details of the hard work, training and preparations that went ahead of that day. I can say, however, that the teachers were as excited to be back. I would describe the atmosphere around the school on those days as a buzz of activity, filled with adrenalin and shared anticipation.

The staff at MCC are all people who are passionate about teaching, and it shows. One staff member made this comment the Tuesday before school began: “The students must come back now” (I could hear the thought expressed – “the presence of the students is what gives us the purpose for being here, without them the school is just a building”).

So, WELCOME to the new students and their families, and WELCOME BACK to the students and their families who have been with us before. WELCOME also to our new teacher, Miss Rachel Kelly, relieving for Mrs. Rullo who is on maternity leave, teaching the ‘You Can Do It’ program.


May God bless you and your family this year as you journey with us and we with you. 

Mrs Antionette Wilson