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How Ridiculous visits Secondary Campus

Posted by Mr Cooper Lee | Found in: News

It’s important that you don’t just know who we are and what we do but that you understand why we exist and what drives us.

On Wednesday September 11, we had the privilege of having Scott Gaunson and Brett Stanford, two members from the YouTube Channel “How Ridiculous”, come and visit MCC! They shared about their life as YouTubers, as well as their Christian faith. Following this interview with Mr. Lee, students had the chance to take photos and get signatures from the stars up at the basketball court during lunchtime. It was an amazing experience.

How Ridiculous have amassed over 5.3 million subscribers over the last 10 years, that’s equal to over a fifth of the population of Australia. For the three members of the channel, making videos is their full-time employment. They hold the world record for the greatest height from which a basketball is shot (and goes into a hoop) - 201m. This was achieved in Lesotho, Africa, on 13 January 2018. They are also famous for their experiments involving dropping heavy things on other things from great heights – an endeavor which has resulted in these videos attracting at least one million views each, and up to ten million views each in some cases.

The three members all grew going to South Perth Church of Christ and retain their Christian faith. They have used their videos to partner with Compassion Australia and other Christian organisations. During our assembly they shared about the importance of investigating for yourself if what the bible says is true; because if it is, it changes everything.

Mr Lee.