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Indonesian Independence Day Celebration

Posted by Mrs Ibu Jones | Found in: News

Indonesian Independence Day is all about celebrating languages in the lead up to Independence Day.

On Tuesday August 13, the Primary and Secondary Campus were covered in red and white, with staff and students wearing the colours of the Indonesian Flag.

At the Primary campus, the morning started with a catwalk put on by the Year 1 and 2 students. Mr McNeill (Principal) even had a go, this was a highlight of the morning.

Everyone enjoyed the day! Students partook in a number of fun activities such as cracker eating competitions and Bakiak racing, and had the opportunity to purchase tasty Indonesian treats, prepared by our year 6, 7, and 8 students, during lunch time. There was a great selection of food and drinks and the flavours of all the dishes were tasty and authentic. 

A huge thank you to parents who helped their child prepare and cook their Indonesian dish of choice and for helping with the costumes. The day would not have been possible without your full support.

Most importantly, the week was about celebrating languages.

Leading up to Independence Day, students have been auditioning for SCEAVision. Contestants performed in front of their peers, teachers and parents. Congratulations to Opal B., Emily P., Zara S., and Brooke W. They will be singing the song “Xiao Tuzi” in Mandarin at SCEA vision. This song is about two bunnies and a monkey. Whilst the bunnie’s and monkey's mothers went out for a walk, a wolf tried to get into the house. The song tells the story of these three friends.

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Thank you to all parents of the SCEAVision contestants, your encouragement for your child to can sing in another language is inspiring.
Finally, of course, to all staff at the college who helped made the event a successful and enjoyable one. In total, we have raised above $1562.05 in total from both Primary and Secondary campuses. Opportunity International will be a very worthy recepient of our proceeds.

Ibu Jones