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Indonesian Independence Day Celebration and SCEAVision

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Last week, Mundaring Christian College celebrated Indonesian Independence Day.

Friday 18 August, the Primary and Secondary campuses were both covered in red and white with staff and students wearing the colour of the Indonesian flag. It was a fantastic day! Everyone enjoyed the day by participating in the activities organised including the cracker eating competition as well as the Bakiak race. The food stalls were also popular! A huge thank you to parents who helped their son or daughter in making the Indonesian food or drinks. 

2017/3/20170818_132420.jpg 2017/3/20170818_132502.jpg 2017/3/20170818_123655.jpg 2017/3/20170818_124138.jpg

Year Eight students cooked and sold Indonesian snacks and drinks on Tuesday 15 August at the Secondary Campus. The Indonesian National Anthem was played on the actual day of Indonesian Independence Day.

2017/3/20170818_081514.jpg 2017/3/20170815_123844.jpg 2017/3/20170815_124826.jpg 2017/3/20170815_124959.jpg

Most importantly, the week was not only about celebrating when Indonesia gained its independence, but to celebrate languages.

Leading up to the Independence Day, students participated in SCEAVision auditions. Contestants performed in front of their peers, teachers and parents at the assembly. Congratulations to Year Six student Brody S for taking home the trophy in the Year Four – Six category. Brody sang Hallelujah in Italian. Well done to all the students involved.

To all parents of SCEAVision contestants, your encouragement of your son or daughter is inspiring.

Finally, thank you to all staff at MCC who helped make the event a successful and enjoyable one. In total, we raised $842.80.  We continue to be a proud adopted parents of Pongo the Orang utan and the Sumatran Tiger from Perth Zoo.

Ibu Jones
Languages Teacher