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Interim Reports

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This year we will be sending out Interim Reports to all parents to let them know how their child/children are going. These will be sent out towards the end of Term 1/during the Term 1 break. Parents will be alerted to any issues and may be requested, on the report, to make a time to meet with a teacher if an in-depth discussion is believed to be needed.

In the Secondary Campus, these reports will take the place of parent-teacher meetings which are usually held during Week 3 of Term 1. In the Primary Campus, teachers continue to arrange parent mornings and afternoons for their class where parents are invited to meet their child’s teacher informally over a cup of tea or coffee. Many of these have already successfully occurred.

Should parents require information about student progress before the end of Term 1, they are welcome to make appointments to speak with their child’s teacher on any school day, after school. These can be arranged by directly emailing the teacher concerned or phoning the College Office.

Dr Thelma Perso - Director of Teaching and Learning