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Intrinsic Motivation

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At a recent conference I heard these words; ‘Students, and people in general, are motivated when they value what they are doing’, and ‘people are more motivated when they believe they have a chance for success.’ (B.  Blackburn).

To me, this fits with what we believe in MCC. That quality teaching, which includes the use of rubrics (that explain the five levels of success criteria), and authentic feedback, help students know what they can achieve next and how to get there. Helping students develop a growth mindset, grow their ability to take risks to attempt that which they find challenging and to have an attitude of resilience to keep on trying until they find success, knowing that they can succeed.

To this, we also add ‘high expectations’. Students, knowing that a significant adult (parent, teacher etc) believes they can achieve, will put in greater effort. 

Let us have expectations, provide support and rejoice greatly with successes. Sharing success carries great value.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary