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It takes a community to raise a child

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The expectation at Mundaring Christian College is that we have a culture where students are well-mannered and well-behaved, where students act and speak kindly, respectfully and responsibly to all peers and adults.

Greetings, saying please and thank you, saying pardon or excuse me are good behaviours demonstrated through good manners. They are expected to be developed in young students as they grow up and are the responsibility of a community, including parents and teachers.  

Hurtful words that insult and put others down can hurt deeply - and are more than just bad manners. Disrespectful comments or 'bad language' not only sound awful, they demonstrate inner-thoughts and attitudes; and lead to concern when a pattern occurs. Intervention from parents and teachers may become necessary.

Behaviour issues involving physical violence are totally unacceptable at our College. In the same way, hurtful words, disrespectful comments and even bad manners are also unacceptable.

If a student misbehaves, their teacher corresponds with parents to find a solution. Communication is not done to complain about the child, but to work in partnership with parents. It is an invitation to work together to change the situation around.

Our College community is valued by many families and students for the kindness, good behaviour and good manners of our students. Let us therefore work together to protect that which we all believe in and value.