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Junior Futsal / Junior Youth Group / Bible Story Telling & Peacemaker Progra

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Dates and important information regarding Primary programs run by Mr B. (College Chaplain).

Primary School Futsal Training
Every Tuesday from 3.15pm till 4.30pm. (Week 2 - Week 9)
Futsal for age categories: Under 8, Under 10, and possibly under 12 if we have the numbers.
Primary Junior Youth Group
Every Thursday from 3.30pm till 4.30pm. (Week 3- Week 9)
Primary Youth group is for Year 5's & 6's.
Please note this program has not yet started.
Bible Story Telling By “Mr. B” – Year 2,3 & 4
Every Tuesday starting Week 2 (during class). Time of reading is determined by class teachers.
Mr B will read students a story from the book of Genesis in the Bible. He will be sharing about Creation, The Fall, The Tower of Babel, The Flood, The Patriarch and etc..
Peacemaker Program – Year 5 & 6
Every Thursday at 9am. (Week 2 - Week 9)
The peacemaker program is designed to help students learn how to deal with conflict in a godly manner. The program is aimed to help students identify conflict and then apply strategies on how they can work through and overcome those conflicts.

If you have any questions please email Brian David on brian.david@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au