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Let's Talk Composting

Posted by Mrs Liz Johns | Found in: News

Did you know that 22% of food goes into landfill!?

Last week, John Barton, a Horticultural Scientist, came to talk to us about the value of composting.
Students learned that diverting food waste from landfill and composting it had many great benefits for our planet. Composting not only reduces waste going to landfill but when added to our very poor soils, enriches them, adding vital nutrients, humus and biota.

Our students have now begun to compost their food scraps through our Scraps2Soil program.

Students are encouraged to put their food scraps into special bins which are then emptied into our compost bins.


The compost is then dug into our vegetable gardens, the veggies are harvested and used in our canteen and cooking classes. Any food scraps are put back into the compost bin, thereby “closing the loop”.

With today’s concerns about climate change and sustainability issues, we believe that making this one small change will have a large impact.

Mrs Liz Johns