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Literacy Corner

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The next instalment of Primary ‘Book Reviews’ comes from Amelie P in Year Five:

Alex, the dog and the Unopenable Door by Ross Montgomery

This book is about a boy (named Alex) who loves dogs and goes to a boys’ school near the Cusp. The Cusp is a place that guards the ‘Forbidden Land’. All humans that step foot inside the boundary of the ‘Forbidden Land’ immediately begin to run crazily back out and will not stop until they reach home. Alex’s dad was an explorer, always trying to pass the boundary of the ‘Forbidden land’.

Eventually Alex’s dad went crazy and thought that he was a dog. He was put in hospital which he kept escaping from to get back to the ‘Forbidden Land’, where he had lost something but no-one knew what it was. A man named Davidus Kyte threatened to put Alex’s dad in jail. Alex fled out of school and ended up going over the boundary of the ‘Forbidden Land’.

This is a really exciting and funny book and I highly recommend it. The book is very descriptive and you can really picture the scenes.

Genre: Adventure, a bit of mystery and lots of action! I give it a rating of four and half stars (out of 5). Primary/4.5-Stars.jpg