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Literacy Corner - What’s happening in Literacy at MCC?

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There are exciting things happening in the Literacy program at the Primary Campus.

Phonics Testing: Last term there was extensive phonics testing carried out across the Primary years. These results support and broaden the classroom teacher’s understanding of their students’ needs in relation to their knowledge and use of sounds. Next year, we will be implementing an explicit phonics program to run from Kindergarten to Year Three which will run in conjunction with and to support our current ‘Soundwaves’ program. This program will provide many ‘hands on’ activities that will help immerse students and deepen their understanding of sounds and how words work, both in the classrooms and in small group work.

Brightpath: This year, teachers undertook training in and implemented the Brightpath Writing assessment tool. This is an initiative that is based on internationally recognised research conducted by the University of Western Australia. It provides an advanced process to streamline and enhance the assessment of students. Not only is it a great tool for school evaluation skills but it also develops teacher’s assessment skills and enables them to better differentiate student learning.

Through the use of these initiatives, we aim to further deepen your child’s understanding of language and what it means to be ‘literate’.

Our latest book review comes from Charlotte S in Year Two. Don’t forget to go and check out the latest reviews on the poster in the Library!

'EJ 10' written by Susannah McFarlane

When Emma Jacks went to school, she had a big test. But when they finished the test, some kind of good luck came to Emma. That’s how she became EJ10. I give this book 5/5 stars.


It would be best if you love adventure! - Charlotte S (Year Two)