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Live Parent & Staff Chat Room

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson | Found in: News


At Mundaring Christian College, we highly value our partnership with parents and with our students.

We believe that within the context of mutually supportive relationships, with parents and their children, we can provide the education suited to the individual and their needs. A book I recently read described it as: “We serve each other within our respective offices or specific tasks or calling, the students to learn, the teacher to mentor and guide and the parent to nurture and instruct.” (Fowler, 2004)

Our shared purpose - to provide the best education possible for each child - brings us together in this relational community and provides the environment for teaching and learning.

To build such mutually supportive relationships we need time and space to develop shared understanding. We need an environment where we have a voice and where we can listen; where we can collaborate and where we can ask questions. Teachers might assume parents already understand what they plan to achieve in the classroom or how the curriculum works; they might think they know what parents want and need, and what their children feel or think. Parents on the other hand might have questions, suggestions and opinions that need attention, but are left unanswered.

We want to provide the space, the time and the opportunity to do this.

Every second Tuesday from 9:00am we have set aside time to talk, to listen and collaborate at our MCC Morning PITCH (Parent Information Tea & Coffee Hub) sessions.

From this upcoming Tuesday, 28 May, we will run it as an open parent forum.

Come tell us what you want to hear, what you want to talk about – and how we can serve you better.

Mrs Antionette Wilson