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MCC Battery Collection

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Batteries contain recyclable elements including carbon, zinc, manganese, lithium, nickel, copper and aluminium. They also contain hazardous materials which can pollute groundwater and soil. And yet, 94% of batteries are still disposed of in household rubbish bins.

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council’s (EMRC) Battery Collection Program began in 2003, and has grown from just 5 schools participating, to 93 across the region. Since 2012, these schools have diverted more than 28 tonnes of household batteries from landfill.

Mundaring Christian College joined the program in 2016. Last year we collected 50.9 kilograms of batteries. Each classroom has a battery collection container for students to place batteries into. The batteries are then transferred to a larger bin located in the school’s administration area.

You can bring in the following batteries for recycling:

  • Button batteries
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • C and D batteries
  • 6V and 9V batteries

Students and their families are encouraged to collect used batteries and bring them to school. By doing so, you can help the school win great prizes in the EMRC’s annual Battery Collection Competition!