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MCC signs up for Hills Billy Cart Festival

Posted by Mundaring Christian College Secondary | Found in: News

Mundaring Christian College has recently registered to take part in the Hills Billy Cart Festival.

The Hills Billy Cart Festival is a race for all people, parents and children, businesses, social groups and the like to share in an enjoyable activity as a community. The major emphasis of the event is not the winning of races, but in having a fun time together building your cart and then racing it or competing for a prize in one of the other classes.

Mr Lambert (MDT teacher) and Mrs Liebenberg (Arts teacher) were presented with the opportunity to help design and build a cart for the race. Of course, they jumped at the opportunity!

Year 8 student Jake B. is currently enrolled in MDT (Materials, Design and Technology) and has recently enrolled back in Art this semester. Both Mr Lambert and Mrs Liebenberg thought that this would be a great project for Jack to get involved in as an extension to his learning.

Mrs Liebenberg writes:

"During our most recent parent/teacher interviews, I mentioned the idea of the project to Jake’s parents. They loved the idea and since then, Jake’s dad has played an integral role in the planning, designing, and building of the cart, along with Jack and MCC staff."

The theme of Jake's go-cart is "Retro". This is where the idea of an old chair for a seat was originated from. We think it is brilliant! Jack has been working hard on the go-cart during MDT and is in the process of putting together his "retro" design during art class.


We would love to invite you all to come down and support Jake race his cart at the Hills Billy Cart Festival on October 27th. We hope this will be the start of something great for next year!

For more information on the event, please follow the link below.