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MCC's Student Science Research Group

Posted by Mr Adams | Found in: News

The Science Research Group have been meeting in the Science Lab most Tuesday's, during lunch time.

During this time, groups of students work on projects that interest them.

One group have been looking at how increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may affect plant growth. They have produced a short summary of their investigation below.


“Our aim is to test the effects of carbon dioxide on plant growth. Wheat seeds are being grown in vermiculite as potting mix was found to emit carbon dioxide, thus affecting our results. Two containers with the same amount of vermiculite, fertilizer and seeds were established. One of the two containers has a pump (visible at bottom of photograph) that is regularly dispensing carbon dioxide into it. The other container does not have a pump.” The data from this experiment is still being collected.

Mr Adams goes on to write:

"Other groups are examining things like; “How effective is flushing taps at reducing lead in water?”, “How do atmospheric conditions affect astronomical seeing?”, “Stars, what do we know about them?” and “Forensic Science, looking at finger prints.

I’m looking forward to seeing what these students find out through these projects. Stay tuned."

Mr. Adams