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Mr. Matthew Hughes visits our Primary Aviation Group

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On Tuesday 13 November, Mr. Matthew Hughes visited our Primary Campus to take part in our after-school Aviation group.

Our Aviation students were incredibly excited to show Mr. Hughes what they have learned throughout the year.

Each week our Aviation students are presented with a scenario they must successfully complete. On Tuesday, our students had the opportunity to select their own scenario to present to Mr. Hughes. The scenario the students selected was to take passengers on a scenic flight around Ayes Rock before successfully landing the plane back at the Airfield. The challenge presented to the students was to use their orientation and radio navigation skills by re-locating the airfield, whilst flying in a featureless part of the outback.

The session started off by reviewing the exercise around the big screen, using a traditional yoke and rudder, before practicing in pairs using the classroom simulators. Our students had a fun afternoon with Mr. Hughes and all flights arrived back to the airfield safe and sound.

If you would like to know more about the Aviation groups we hold after school each week, please feel free to contact us on (08) 92952688 or email dj.brooking@bigpond.com