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Mundaring Christian College is now a "YOU CAN DO IT" School

Posted by Miss Amanda McCleary | Found in: News

This year Mundaring Christian College is introducing the “You Can Do It (YCDI)” program into the curriculum across both campuses.

This is a program designed to strengthen the personal, social and performance capabilities of people of all ages. By implementing this program, we have been given access to on-line programs aimed to provide educators, parents and leaders with the learning tools to boost success, improve relationships, reduce stress, and promote optimal levels of wellbeing.

In our Primary Campus, YCDI is treated as a specialist subject, where every class from pre-primary to Year 6 is taught strategies to build their keys to success in addition to the integration of learned concepts provided by the classroom teacher. Not all schools take on the YCDI program, but those that do, tend to leave it to the classroom teacher, which often results in the social-emotional learning being put to the wayside as the pressure to provide other curriculum subjects takes priority. Here at Mundaring Christian College, we believe it is integral to equip students with the skills they need to succeed and that if we can develop their ability to cope in stressful situations, then students will consequently improve their academic and social competence.

Over the next week, all parents will receive an email providing you with login details for the YCDI website. The website provides latest research-proven resources for developing positive and effective parents as well as socially and emotionally capable young people.

The link to the website is as follows: https://youcandoiteducation.com.au/parents 

It has been encouraging to see the positive results the program is already having on our students, four weeks into Term. 

Mr Will Meyer (Head of Secondary Student Services) writes:

Through YCDI, Mundaring Christian College is forging a new era in education where students, parents and the College are drawn closer to stand united in an increasingly uncertain world.

Recently, our Secondary Campus had an hour-long pastoral care lesson around the topic of bullying. Following this lesson, a representative from “ySafe” visited our Secondary students to talk on the topic of Cyberbullying. We believe this brought a lot of insight to our students and helped equip them with the necessary tools on how to safely and healthily deal with bullying.

Here’s what some of our students and staff had to say:

We learnt about bullying and how to deal with bullies. We also learnt how to tell if we are being bullied and what can happen if you don’t sort the situation out.” - Year 7 boy

The Laws on creating, uploading and sharing images or comments over the internet was an eye-opener to me.” – Year 8 boy

For a holistic education, we need to focus on character development.” – Staff member

Reading these comments gives us confidence in why we do what we do at Mundaring Christian College. We are here to build students up to have positive attitudes which will serve them well in becoming adults with virtuous character. Every student is unique and valued and is given voice and agency so that they can be community serving, compassionate and caring.”

At our Primary Campus, a Year 5 student (Lieve L.) recently wrote an article on YCDI, and it was encouraging to see the positive results the program is already having on our students, three weeks into Term. 

Below is a short extract from Lieve’s article.

“In the first week, we were learning about success. Success is when you accomplish a goal or something you’ve been working on for a long time. You feel really happy when you achieve success. And remember, it’s about doing your personal best, not someone else’s best!”

Mundaring Christian College believes that the YDCI program will strengthen the personal, social and performance capabilities of our students across both our Primary and Secondary Campus.

We invite you to book a personal tour of our College, where you can see how our unique teaching team and learning environments provide an extraordinary educational experience from Early Learning onwards.