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Mundaring Christian College Parent Committee

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The Mundaring Parent committee meets two to three times per term.

Our parent committee meetings have the following objectives:

• Prayerfully supporting the aims and objectives of the School within the Association’s Mission;

• Representing the views and interest of the parents of the School within the Association;

• Providing feedback, support and advice to the Principal;

• Raising funds and in-kind support for school activities and projects as requested by the Principal;

• Identification, encouragement and support for eligible School Members to become Association Members; and,

• Supporting the School in promotion and marketing.

Once per term the Parent Committee invites all interested parents to attend their meeting (“Open Parent Committee Meeting”). These meetings are advertised in the MCC School Newsletter and posted on the MCC School Calendar.

The committee is made up of 5-7 parents who are associate members of the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) and can include up 2 members who are on staff or have a spouse on staff. The Principal is an automatic member of the committee.

Those who are on our 2018 Parent Committee are; Andrew Bailey, Nathan Blackwell, Phil Croot, Malena Peacock, Julie Siebermaier, Rod McNeill, and Raquelle Hannen-Williams.

Our next Open Parent Committee Meeting, to which all student parents are invited, will be held in term 4 on Monday 5 November from 7:00 pm at our Mundaring Campus.

 Phil Croot