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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

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All schools across Australia are required to complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on school students with a disability.

For the purposes of the Collection, the ‘categories of disability’ are deemed as: cognitive (including learning difficulties), sensory, physical, social and emotional.

The Collection aims to provide education authorities with a clear picture of: the number of students with additional needs in schools, the adjustments they require to participate in education on the same basis as other students, and where known, the student’s type (category) of disability.

Once the data has been collected it is de-identified. No personal identification details (name, date of birth) are included. Statistical information is then forwarded to the relevant educational authorities to inform policy development and future planning to better equip schools and education authorities/sectors to support students with disability and additional learning needs.

Further information on the national data collection can be found via the link below:

If you do not want your child’s statistical data included in the Collection, please sign this form and return it to the College Office by Friday 22 September 2017. If you do not return the attached form, you are authorising that your child’s information (not their name or school) can be included in the data collection.