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News from the Art Room

Posted by Mrs Liebenberg | Found in: News

This year our Year 7 Art students have been working on designing a "functional" creature:

The brief giving to students was:

- Design, construct, and decorate a sculpture using paper clay or textiles, or make a painting.
- The production tasks include the completion of a drawing and the use of media, used to assist them in the design process.
- Collect examples and research different animal features e.g. skin, horns, and wings.
- Explore the work of the contemporary Australian artist, Shaun Tan.
- Design three alternative creatures using various feature combinations.
- Select the work, out of the three, that fits the brief best.

Mrs Liebenberg writes:

"Creating your own creature is fun, because whatever the construction, it communicates your own creativity and personality. Alyssa and Shanae have worked collaboratively to produce their creature. They have combined their two creatures to create this one creature. It lives in trees and kills feral animals that threaten our native animals.

With some help from myself and Mr Liebenberg, they cut out the pattern.  Then they stitched the creature together with help from year 8’s Georgie and Aimee, learning they also learned how to use the sewing machines in the process. It was a great project!"


Our Year 9's have also been getting creative in Art class.

Caitlin HW., Bethany HW., Ava P., and Luanne H., have been working together collaboratively on their current project.

It is made up of sixteen small canvases painted with triangles. Their design is based on work by a street artist named Kyle Hughes-Odgers.


The Girls write:

"We collaborated together and assigned each other roles to complete this task efficiently.  If anyone needed help we helped each other when we needed it and improved any mistakes that were made. We all had different sections that we were good at, for example, Luanne was good at painting the smaller, more detailed triangles, whereas Caitlin was great at the bigger ones.


We made the colours lighter on the inside and darker as the triangles got bigger. We started off with the small ones in the colours of yellow and orange and then we went out to the bigger ones, which ending up being blue and purple. With the input of Mrs Liebenberg, we were able to arrange our artwork in a way that was interesting to look at."

Caitlin HW., Bethany HW., Ava P., and Luanne H.