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Night at the Disco

Posted by Mrs Dannie Sargent | Found in: News

After quite a few years since the last school disco was held, a group of Mums decided to organise a fun night for the Primary school students.

We would like to give a special mention to Mrs Newman, Mrs Wood, Mrs Siebermier, Mrs Towns, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hasson, and Mrs Sargent for organising the decorations, catering, and entertainment and for putting it all together to run what was a very successful and fun night! It couldn’t have been done without all the wonderful support from the parent volunteers who helped out on the night, supervising all the students to ensure a safe and fun time for all. The children had a fantastic night – the excitement during that day at school was palpable.

The parent organisers did not expect to raise any funds from the event, but were thrilled that the level of participation meant that they did indeed make a profit! Parents are in discussions with the College on how those funds can be utilised in the Primary school. Some fantastic ideas have been put forward. Watch this space for the announcement of where the funds will be used at our Primary school.