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Options, interests and student extension

Posted by Antionette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News

Apart from the more familiar academic learning areas, students in the Primary Campus have opportunities to participate in many other activities and experiences.

These activities aim to help develop a sense of what things they would like to pursue further and develop as an area (or areas) of special interest!

Our Year 5 and 6 students have the ‘River Rangers’ program that provides a variety of such experiences, as well as the option to participate in the Digital Newspaper. Year 4, 5 and 6 students can participate in the Aviation Club, an after school club that provides an amazing opportunity to have flying lessons from a flight instructor using simulation programs.

Specialist Basketball programs are available (see Coach Croot’s article in this Newsletter), alongside the After-school Sports programs, Futsal (indoor soccer), and the normal in-school Sports programs. In Term 1, we also have Swimming Training before school for those who are prepared to get up a little earlier. This is great preparation for the Swimming Carnival. I believe the breakfast after to be a big incentive too (thanks to our volunteers)! For those who are more interested in Music, we have the Choir and Specialist Music Tuition available for students from Preprimary up – with a choice of several different instruments. For fun, we also have a Games Club.

For students that are excelling in in-class learning, we will have new options for an extension this year. Some opportunities will be made available during class time and some in the negotiated allocated time. We will have individual conversations with students (and their parents and carers) who achieve consistently high marks, demonstrate responsible work ethics, display the ability to work independently, and can progress on individual tasks with minimum support. Some options will be in the form of group work, others more individually tailored, in keeping with the interests and passions of the student involved.

The mandatory curriculum that we use daily for all students is aimed at developing responsible citizens for the future. It covers a vast variety of experiences chosen with this in mind and is based on current research of what is needed to achieve this.

We believe in this model, but we also know that people are different.

Students have individual interests, passions, and strengths – God made us that way. We believe therefore that students should have the best teaching to support the learning intentions of the mandatory curriculum, and have access to teaching and opportunities that develops their own interests and passions. Students should be supported in areas where they struggle as well as have opportunities to be enriched (deeper and broader learning), accelerated (faster-paced tasks) and developed as needed.