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Organisation is a skill you can learn and improve on

Posted by Mrs Jasmyn Rullo | Found in: News

“Some people are just more organised than others; they are born this way” … not true!

Organisation is a skill you can learn and improve on. For the past two weeks students have been learning about organisation. They have learned three ways of thinking that can help them to be more successful:

• I need to set short-term and long-term goals;
• I need to plan my time so I have enough time to do my best work; and
• I need to ensure I have all the equipment I need to get the task done.

Students have learned that using a checklist and creating a schedule are great ways to make sure they get everything done on time.
Task analysis also helps us to be better organised. This is when we break down big jobs into smaller and more manageable steps eg. understand the task, do the research, prepare a draft and then do the good copy.

Older students can prioritise their tasks into ‘rocks’, ‘pebbles’ and ‘sand’.

Rocks are the very important tasks, pebbles are the important yet not essential tasks, and sand stands for the ‘fill in’ tasks that can fit in between the rocks and pebbles.

In the photos you can see the Year 6’s working together to chunk a difficult assignment into smaller tasks and creating a schedule to ensure the job is completed on time.


Mrs Jasmin Rullo