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Pillars of 21st Century Skills

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Students today are being prepared for a future that requires them to have knowledge and skills for careers that may not be invented yet.

Meanwhile, jobs that do exist today, may not necessarily exist when they graduate and a lot of our "groundbreaking technology" will likely be outdated.

Schools need to teach students to have enduring understanding and must provide them with skills that have ongoing relevance. To lay emphasis on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is of great importance for preparing students for careers in the world of tomorrow. However, simply providing students with knowledge will never be enough. Base-knowledge can only serve as a starting point for ongoing development and growth; students need twenty-first century skills to thrive in such an environment. These skills can be described as a framework resting on four pillars: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical-thinking and reasoning, and Communication. These skills will equip students to work creatively and to find solutions in situations they have never faced before. It will enable them to work with others collaboratively. They will be able to evaluate future developments with wisdom and be able to communicate their ideas and understanding to others. These skills will not become outdated.

Therefore, if your child is given a project on a subject matter that has not been discussed in class yet, it might not be just the content the teacher is after. It might be the research skills (to find information), the creativity to present it, the collaboration with others, and the communication of ideas that are being developed. Our college aims to provide students with 21st Century Skills. Partnering with parents, we want to build that into their education. 

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary