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Pirate Excursion to Fremantle Shipwreck and Maritime Museum

Posted by Mrs Merrin Cornish | Found in: News

Finally, the morning arrived for our long-awaited Year 3 and 4 pirate excursion.

When we arrived at school, we were so excited as Mr Chan called our names. The whole crew consisted of 18 adult pirates, 44 small fry plus Captain Bear, and our Year 3 travelling class mascot. Soon we boarded the bus and headed to the Maritime Museum Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle. 

When we arrived, we raced to clamber over the massive anchors where we posed for photos. Inside the museum we saw the hull, archway, canons and other artefacts recovered from the Batavia, shipwrecked near Geraldton in 1629. Other displays gave a fascinating insight into life aboard a variety of ships.

Next we walked across to the Esplanade playground where we ate lunch and played. We climbed the rope tower, chased each other around the pine trees, glided along the flying fox, whizzed down the slippery slide, moved to and fro on the swing and went for a rollicking ride on the big rocker. The joyful laughter of everyone playing filled the park!

After lunch we visited the WA Maritime Museum. The whole place was filled to the rafters with intriguing displays which we thoroughly enjoyed. Finally, it was time to load weary children back onto the bus to head for the hills via the scenic route alongside the beautiful Swan River. Massive thanks to Mr Chan for organising our day out and to all our parent helpers who joined in the fun.

Mrs Merrin Cornish