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The Problem With Mathematics

Mr McNeill once brought up a topic about how the world views numeracy and literacy. It's funny how a person readily admits that they are innumerate whilst a certain amount of consideration is taken before admitting that they are illiterate. What we say and do in front of our children shapes how they face new challenges, as they venture around this amazing world that God has blessed us with. Numeracy plays a vital role in how our students perceive challenges along their learning journey.

Education is continuously evolving with new pedagogy and strategies. So what happens with the way we learn how to do mathematics? Can we pass on our knowledge, tricks, and understandings to our children? Why is Mathematics called Numeracy? What is the difference between Mathematics and Numeracy? How can I help my child understand Mathematics when I don’t?

Join me at the next PITCH on Tuesday, 6 November, where we will unpack these questions. 

Mr Michael Chan