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Posted by Miss Amanda McCleary | Found in: News


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Parent Information Tea & Coffee Hub (PITCH) mornings are a great way for parents to connect with one another and the College. These mornings are designed to provide important information around what and how our Primary students are learning. These mornings are carried out with the goal to help parents and guardians understand the school context and what to expect.

PITCH mornings provide opportunities for the College to share on particular issues our students may be facing and how can we best deal with these issues together.

For our most recent PITCH, we heard from Mrs Antoinette Wilson on the topic of "Enquiry Based Learning" in our Primary School. The philosophy behind it was discussed and the explicit teaching and learning that flows from hands-on experiences was practically demonstrated and laid out.


The next PITCH will run on Tuesday 12 March and will be presented by Mr Michael Chan (Year 4 Teacher).

"On Tuesday, we will be: clarifying some of the information that has been circulating through all forms of media with regards to NAPLAN (Numeracy); take a sneak peek into the types of problems that students face when they are attempting the test; and have a look into how educators at Mundaring Christian College digest the detailed information that is gathered through the test as well as the strategies that can be applied to increase the accuracy of the data that is collected."

Mr Chan