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Pre-Primary Excursion to Caversham Wildlife Park

Posted by Mrs Elizabeth Sawyer | Found in: News

Finally, Friday the 5th of April 2019 dawned.

28 very excited Pre-Primaries and Kindys had waited for this day with much anticipation. Throughout Term 1 the students have learned about many Australian animals and this was finally the day when they would meet them face to face on our Excursion to Caversham Wildlife Park.

As students arrived at school final preparations were made before everyone excitedly piled into a bus bound for Caversham Wildlife Park. Once on the road, we snapped a photo of each child for some it was their first time on a school bus.

At last, the bus pulled up outside the wildlife park, we then unloaded, entered the Wildlife Park and found our parent helpers.  It was time to have a quick bite of recess together before breaking into groups to explore the first section of the park.

At 11:00 am we all meet up again at the Wombats and Friend Show. An interactive show where students met several Australian Animals face to face, including birds, marsupials, a snake and the famous wombat. Holding the snake and patting the wombat was just a couple of the highlights from the day. When asked about their favorite part of the day many students agreed that it was feeding and patting the kangaroos in their free-range enclosure.

Students explored a couple more sections of the park before lunchtime came quickly as all the excitement and walking around soon made many little tummies rumble. After lunch groups finished off by seeing their last section of the park or returned to any favorite spots.

All too quickly it was time for the very weary children (teachers and parent helpers) to board the bus back to school. Thanks to all involved the students left with many wonderful stories to tell and fond memories.

 Mrs Elizabeth Sawyer