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Pre-Primary Excursion to Kings Park

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On Thursday 22 September, Pre-Primary classes visited Rio-Tinto Natures Scape Park.

The day started off with sunshine but soon turned to grey skies and rain. This change in weather created an interesting atmosphere as students rejoiced exploring in the rain, while adults thought of ways to stay warm and dry.  The raincoats and gumboots came in handy as students explored the park and climbed a tower.

We soon took refuge from the rain in the educational building and students participated in learning about the journey of a Marri seed.

In the afternoon we were blessed with a break from the rain, allowing us to explore the Rio Tinto Naturescape again. Students thoroughly enjoyed climbing the towers and wading in the creek. Soon it was time to board the bus and return to school.

We would like to say a big thank you to parents who helped to make this day memorable. 

Mrs Lizzy Sawyer
Pre-Primary Teacher

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