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Pre-Primary excursion to Kings Park

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As part of our Growing Things topic for term 3, the Pre-Primary students along with their teachers and a few very brave parents enjoyed a lovely day exploring God’s creation at Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park on Tuesday 11th September.

The children partook in an interactive lesson in an outdoor classroom about the life cycle of the Marri Tree, the children all made fabulous suns and rain. Students then enjoyed a nature treasure hunt and created a bush crown using all their found treasures.

After lunch, we had free time to enjoy all the wonders of Rio Tinto Naturescape. Students were able to paddle in the waterhole, some ‘paddling’ a little more enthusiastically than others. There were pebble throwing, tree climbing and log balancing. Further through the Naturescape, children discover some other amazing creations that they could walk through and slide down and climb up and the python was a real hit.

Naturescape truly is a magical space for children to not only explore the splendours of the world around us but also to test and challenge their own capabilities as they make meaningful interactions and discoveries with the environment.

Thanks again to all the amazing parent helpers, you helped make this a truly fantastic day.