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Pre-Primary Grandparents Morning

Posted by Mrs Liz Sawyer | Found in: News


The morning began with Grandparents sharing old photographs and childhood toys with their Grandchildren.

Last Thursday, 28 February, the Pre-Primary class excitedly brought their Grandparents to school for Grandparents Day.

Mrs Liz Sawyer writes:

This term in Pre-Primary, students are learning about who the people in their family are and how they are related to each other. In history they learned about how stories of the past can be communicated. Grandparents Day is a perfect way to learn about these concepts and form a basis for other discussions and class activities.

The morning began with Grandparents sharing old photographs and childhood toys with their Grandchildren.

The students also brought their own toys. This allowed for discussion on the similarities and differences between their toys and their grandparents’ toys. We then moved into a time of activities where students completed a variety of old-fashioned activities, with the help of their grandparents. Some of these activities included: old fashioned games (marbles), sewing, investigating old technology items, and a variety of crafts.

Students then worked together with their grandparents to make a scrapbook page of old and current photographs of their grandparents and themselves. This is always a great thing to look back on over the year.

After a time of craft and activities, we moved into the students’ favorite part of the morning – morning tea. During the week, leading up to Grandparents Day, the students spent time in the kitchen together, baking special treats to share with their special visitors. These were thoroughly enjoyed.

The time came too quickly to say goodbye to their grandparents. The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by students and Grandparents. Some grandparents even reconnected with old friends who came on the day. It was a special time to connect across generations and gain new insights for both students and grandparents.

Mrs Liz Sawyer