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Primary and Secondary Assembly Week

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During the second week of term 4, both our Primary and Secondary Campuses had a whole school assembly, run around the topic of Collaboration.

Primary Campus
Mr Chan and his year 4 class ran our Primary assembly and did an incredible job at it.

The assembly was kicked off with the national anthem lead by our Primary Choir before they lead us into a time of worship. Our year 4's then put on a small performance/play for us to all enjoy.

Jamie and Amelia both hosted our year 4 assembly. Here is a snippet of what they had to share on Collaboration:

The Bible also teaches us about collaboration. We can turn to God to help us in those difficult times. James 4:1 says: “What causes fights and arguments among you? Don’t they come from the battles within yourselves?" When working collaboratively together it is important to set aside our differences sometimes to reach our goal. God believes that two is better than one and that we must work as a team. One way to do this is to care about other people’s problems just as much as our own. This is often easier said than done but keeping this Christ-like attitude in mind can help you experience great collaboration.

We also wanted to give a special mention to Finn L., Joel N., Marshall B., Logan A., Christopher D., Charlie C., Clare S., Davian S., Harvey O., Levi V., Xanthe F., and Serayah P., on receiving a Principal's Award for all they have achieved in and outside the class. 


Secondary Assembly
Our Secondary assembly was run by our year 11 students. 

Thomas D. opened our assembly by sharing a devotion from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, on the topic of Collaboration. "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble." Principal Mr McNeill also came up to share on the topic of Collaboration. Here is a small snippet of what Mr McNeill had to share:

"Your ability to collaborate is essential to how you are able to keep a job and succeed at a job. I want this school to be a place of collaboration, not self-centeredness. We need to learn to live together. Don't rush to combat but fight to collaborate. Therefore, for us to collaborate we have to create an atmosphere and a culture of trust. If we do more together, it will set you up for life in a powerful way."

We also had the opportunity to hear a performance put on by our rock band "Shraders Arcade". This was done for those who were unable to make our 2018 FAMMM Fest. 

Lastly, we wanted to give a special mention to Amelia M., Mackenzie S., and our Mountain Bikers for receiving an award for their achievements.