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Primary and Secondary You Can Do It program

Posted by Mrs Jasmyn Rullo, Mr David Pethick, Mrs Vanessa Mills | Found in: News

You Can Do It has brought up some challenging and thought provoking topics.


Mr David Pethick goes on to write: through the discussion of these topics, students are empowered and encouraged to reflect on how to improve themselves as individuals, and as a group as a whole.

Mrs Vanessa Mills writes;

Following the Year 11 Girls YCDI lesson on mindfulness, we tried a strategy to help us refocus our mind. Using the art technique from Mrs Leibenburg, Amalia (student) showed us how we can use dots, not lines, to draw an object. Amalia picked and brought in some 'bottlebrush' that we used to inspire our artwork. The only other tools we needed were an art liner and paper. This activity showed us that anyone can create art and how art is a wonderful way to refocus our mind and calm our body.


Anger is something we all experience but some have learnt how to control it better than others. Anger is just one of the ‘blockers’ we have been learning about in YCDI lessons. It is considered a ‘blocker’ because if we get too angry, it prevents us from achieving our goals.

Students have been learning they can control how angry they get when something unfavourable happens to them, whether it’s a little bit annoyed, mad or furious. Feeling furious is not a good place to be because our brains don’t function properly and we usually do something we regret, which ends with a negative consequence.

There are lots of things we can think and do when we’re feeling angry. For example, we can ask ourselves: do I need to get this angry? Does the level of my anger match the size of my problem? Will getting angry help me solve the problem? Some good ways to calm down include exercise, music, deep breathing, talking to someone and many more. Check out the ‘Anger Lifesaver’ picture for more ideas.

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Mrs Jasmyn Rullo


Mrs Jasmyn Rullo