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Primary AQUA Camp

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I love the feeling of being on the beach, the salty air, the cool and soft sand, and the cold and choppy water. But the camp we went on to AQUA, was even better.

We got onto the bus at 12:00 pm and drove to AQUA. After dropping off our bags, we changed into our bathers and headed down to the beach. We split up into our tribes (dunamis, ischuros, and kratos) and played some games with hula hoops and tyres. We also took turns going swimming. When we had finished, we went into Hillarys where some of us had ice-creams and others had slushies. Yum! We walked back to AQUA where we were then split into three groups. One group coloured and made badges, one set up their sleeping bags and pillows and one had a tour of the dangerous animal’s section. In the dangerous animal’s section, we saw animals like stonefish, catfish and lionfish. We were told some interesting facts about them. Once everyone had finished, we sat down at the cafe and ate our dinner, which was pizza! There were some friendly volunteers who served it to us. We ate outside and saw some turtles who were being rehabilitated. There were two adult turtles with their babies.

When everyone had eaten, they gave us popcorn and put on a documentary about oceans. Only a few people stuck around to watch it. Everyone played games (Twister) or headed back to where our beds were set up, to play around there. At 9:00 pm, the teachers told everyone to go down to the beds, not to sleep yet, but to get ready for bed. You may be wondering where we were sleeping? We were in the tunnel! For those who haven’t been to AQUA before, the tunnel is a long glass aquarium, in which dozens of fish, turtles, stingrays, and sharks swim. It was truly magnificent to watch them swim above you as tried to sleep. Barely anyone got much sleep. I, myself only got around two hours sleep. Here are some pictures of the tunnel. It was amazing! I can’t believe I even got to sleep at all!


The next day, we woke up to the sound of ‘Under the sea’ and ‘Youngblood’ (and another song I can’t remember) playing loudly through the tunnel. We got up and got ready, so we could start the tour of AQUA as soon as possible. Breakfast was fruit and toast. We were split up into our three groups again, rotating around the schooling fish section of AQUA. In one section we saw an enormous school of silver fish swimming around with some eagle rays (aka the majestic sea flap-flaps, according to Chloe G). We got to see them get fed. It was so cool watching them shoot up to the surface of the water to grab the food.

In another section, there was a touch pool, where we were able to touch fish, little Port Jackson sharks, stingrays, and starfish. I touched a fish! It was hard to because they were so fast at getting away, but Laila, who was next to me, scared a fish into my hand. It felt all slimy and weird!
The last station had a relaxing underground pool that was filled with colourful coral and lots of fish. Soft music was playing, and it was very pretty. The Suns’ rays shone through the water and the fish drifted round together. I didn’t want to leave!
We packed up and left to have a final play on the beach before the bus came to take us to school. I was only relieved about leaving for one reason: I could have a long sleep when I got home! Thank you for reading!

Amelie P. (Year 6 student)