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Primary Classroom Representatives

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News

We believe that educating our students is our core business, and partnering with parents to do so is essential.

Being in close communication with our parents and caregivers provides us with the opportunity to foster a greater sense of community and to have a better understanding of parents’ concerns, ideas and aspirations for their children.

At MCC we have our formal Parent Committee, but we see the need to hear from people representing the classroom communities in a more informal setting. We approached two parents from each classroom to represent the parents from that class and introduced them to those who attended PITCH on Tuesday, 29 October.

I intend to meet with these parents once a term, or if they ever become aware of a general concern. Please note that I am still available for one-on-one discussions with any parent at a mutually convenient time too. Appointments can be arranged through the College office.

Please find below the list of Classroom representatives as nominated.

PK Caroline Boyes, Deserea Wood
K Katrina McNee, Tammy Biddle
PP Jodis Powell, Karie Aszkielowicz
Yr 1 Danni Sargent, Ali Towns
Yr 2 Kevin Barnard, Chanelle Rodgers
Yr 3 Lee Jenkins, Amanda Musgrave
Yr 4 Amanda Carey-Allison, Julie Siebermaier
Yr 5 Jen Boyle, Jedra Koomen, Andrew Bailey
Yr 5/6 Chrissy Drew, Bronwyn Blackwell
Yr 6 Demetra Jones, Emma Hasson

Antionette Wilson (Head of Primary)